About pure pressure

Pure Pressure is an exterior building cleaning company that offers a wide range of services in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley of British Columbia. We are proud to service the Vancouver area, Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, Surrey, Langley and Abbotsford and all the areas in between!

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pure pressure history

Pure Pressure was established in 1996 in Coquitlam, British Columbia by James MacIntyre. James started offering pressure washing services and soon added gutter cleaning, installing Gutter Baskets, window cleaning, and brush washing vinyl siding. James also expanded his service area to include Vancouver, Maple Ridge, Surrey and Langley.

In 2009 James trained Jamie and Jennifer Irvine in the business and they started their own operation Irvine Sales & Service in Abbotsford. On January 1st, 2016 Pure Pressure and Irvine Sales and Service merged. Pure Pressure is now one of the largest exterior building cleaning operations in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley.


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Safety and regulations

Pure Pressure is insured and complies with all WorkSafeBC regulations. Our contractors are also required to be insured and comply with WorkSafeBC regulations. All contractors are required to have and use fall protection and personal safety equipment. Pure Pressure has supplied each contractor with a training manual and fall protection plans to ensure that safety is a priority. In addition, contractors who operate boom lifts have been certified.

Beyond that, we have carefully selected who we work with and our contractors share many similar traits. They are honest, clean-cut and hardworking people who regularly volunteer in their communities and strive to be good neighbors.

We trust these contractors and so can you.

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