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Here Comes the Rain! It’s Gutter Cleaning Time

After such a dry summer, we might be happy to see some moisture. However, now that the rain is coming, we might also realize that we forgot to have our gutters cleaned this year.

Most homes in the Lower Mainland will need to have the debris cleaned out of their gutters once a year. Some homes with a lot of tree cover will need this more often, every 6 months, and some without any trees around will be able to go for 2 to 3 years in between cleanings.


Regular gutter maintenance is essential for good home maintenance. If your gutters are not cleaned regularly and are overflowing, they can cause damage to other areas of your home like your fascia boards, siding, landscaping, and in some cases, even interior damage.

We can help you with your gutter cleaning program!

At Pure Pressure, we clean gutters inside and out and can also put your home or townhouse complex on a regular rotation so that you know your gutter system is being properly maintained.

Here is what one strata president had to say after their townhouse units were cleaned:

Thank you for doing an amazing job of cleaning the exterior of our townhouses, making sure everything was spick and span.

As always, you are the best in this business! Keep up the excellent quality of work that you have always provided your clients with.

Maribel De Rosas – Strata President

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