Get Rid of the Carpet – On Your Roof!

Last week we talked about how sometimes the green algae that belong in the forest creeps out of the greenspaces onto our homes.

What about when that greenery overtakes our roof?

Over time, moss and algae hold water against your shingles, shortening the lifespan of your roof. It doesn’t look nice, but if it is also shortening the life of your roof, now that is a reason to get rid of it!

At Pure Pressure, we provide moss treatment for asphalt shingle roofs. We use a product called Spray & Forget to treat and then protect your roof from moss and algae.

We have tried other products, but we like this one because it is very effective, and it is also non-toxic and non-caustic. It works with the elements after it is sprayed on to slowly get rid of the moss and algae until your roof is back to the color it once was.

At Pure Pressure, we do moss removal every summer in dry weather.

Ask us for a free estimate today!

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