Reach for the Sky!

As buildings continue to be built taller and with steeper roofs, there are many times that lifts must be used to safely clean gutters. This requires more preparation and more training by the contractors.

At Pure Pressure, our guys are certified to use lifts and are also trained in Fall Protection, both of which are necessary for running lifts safely on a job site.

We also have gone the extra mile and have employees trained in Traffic Control so that when we are using a lift at a strata complex we can make sure everyone is safe – pedestrians, vehicles, and our employees.

If you have a job that is over your head, contact us for a free estimate so that it can be done safely!

Recent Testimonials

James MacIntyre of Pure Pressure has been doing excellent work on my property for the last ten years.

He is very thorough and careful pressure washing the siding/patio railings, deck and windows.  I have had no problems with water penetrating the house.  The patios are still in pristine condition – I appreciate his attention to detail in a house 26 years old.

The driveway cleans up beautifully with the asphalt still in place.  He walks the extra mile in cleaning the sidewalk too.

I really appreciate his gutter work and highly recommend his Gutter Baskets.

James is a very conscientious and meticulous worker and his professionalism is reflected by his crew’s cheerful and helpful attitude.

I highly recommend his services. – J.M. Christiansen of Pitt Meadows, BC

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