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Let Us Take Care of Your Rental Investment!

Do you have a rental property? It can be hard to keep up with regular maintenance on our own properties, never mind when we are not there every day to notice the little things that may require attention at our rental property.

Conscientious tenants may let you know immediately when something requires attention, but others may not; they may not notice or sadly, they may not care.

We understand these challenges and can help you set up a regular exterior maintenance schedule for your rental home.  We can contact you with reminders when gutter cleaning or washing is due to be done before the gutters start overflowing and your tenant complains to you…. right in the middle of your Superbowl party!

We can also set up regular appointments for washing so that the windows are washed, and the deck is cleaned before your tenant is asking to put out their patio furniture in the spring. Also, we can get ahead of any complaints about slippery algae on the concrete.

When we are onsite, we will also let you know of anything else we see that needs attention and send you a job report with pictures if applicable. This will help you take better care of your investment and keep happy, long-term tenants!

Ask us for a free estimate today!

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