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If you are wanting to sell your home, you likely have a lot on your mind. There are real estate showings to think about and prepare for, papers to sign, planning to be done, packing to be done…..and we haven’t even started talking about how you will convince your friends to come to that pizza and beer moving party you are planning!

It’s a lot of work.

Of course you also want to get the best price for your home. One of the ways that you can attract the most potential buyers and get your asking price, is by having your home professionally cleaned on the outside.

According to several real estate websites, having the outside of your home professionally cleaned should not be neglected if you are planning to list your home.

Having your gutters cleaned, the siding and windows washed, as well as your deck and any concrete surfaces pressure washed, allows your home to make a great first impression on potential buyers. When they walk up, they feel like this home has been well cared for, it is clean, and it’s inviting.

This is an investment but let’s think strictly about the numbers for a minute. Let’s say that it costs $1000 – $2000 to get some professionals to come and help before you list your home. Maybe some yard work needs to be finished, the cleaning needs to be done and maybe even a final inside clean is done.

That seems like a lot of money. But, if it means that your home is sold one month faster or if it is sold for a higher price, then it is well worth it.

We can help with that outside cleaning!

At Pure Pressure we do gutter cleaning, brush washing siding & windows and pressure washing to help you prepare your home for sale. We want to help you get top dollar for your home and make the whole process a little less stressful!

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In my capacity as a long-term strata president of a 58-unit townhouse complex in Surrey, my association with James McIntyre/Pure Pressure dates back many years. Our strata have hired Pure Pressure for building washing, balcony/window cleaning, gutter cleaning, fence pressure washing, and for replacing soffits and vinyl siding. James and his workers have always done an excellent job at a reasonable cost, always meeting or exceeding our expectations. Another quality that has made James a pleasure to work with is his great sense of humor and his positive outlook on life – he makes it contagious!

K Gibbons – 2018

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