Wouldn’t You Rather Be at the Lake?

Have you ever stepped onto a very green, algae covered rock in the lake or river?

They are very slippery!

Of course, if you fall while you are walking in the lake or river, it probably doesn’t matter since you were planning to get wet anyway and water tends to be forgiving…as long as no one is behind you getting it on camera.

What happens though if that algae-covered surface is your sidewalk or driveway? Or worse, a stairwell? It is fine when it is dry but then it rains…..

Algae covered surfaces are very dangerous when they are wet. If falling and getting green slime was the worst consequence, then it probably wouldn’t matter so much.

However, just like when someone falls on the ice, falling on wet algae on concrete or in a stairwell can result in broken bones. If you have any surfaces like this at your home or business, ask us for a quote today. We can come and take care of it and make it safe to walk on again. You don’t even have to be there when we come, you can give us directions and go spend the day at the lake.

Ask us for a free estimate today!


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